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the discussion that the school would be encouraged by us to continue to talk to the neighbors and support the institutional master plan with a caveat that we would like to at least continue to talk to each other. commissioner antonini: i think this institutional master plan is very thorough and complete. while there has been a discussion about general parking conditions in this area of the city, i do not think it really involves the school. as has been mentioned, very few if any of the faculty or students are using cars, and they seem to be accommodated. even with the increased attendance, i do not see that as being an issue here. it certainly is always good to have discussions. but i feel comfortable with the informational master plan. hopefully, neighbors can get together and deal with the general problems that exist in the neighborhood, if there are some. commissioner borden: i think this is more of an anti-gay issue. -- more of an mta issue. if only two out of 10 students drive, that is better than most employers and most places here in the city. i would not put the burden on them to
for the change of use to residential and for the construction of the third floor addition. the existing building is considered an historic resourced. the project includes construction of a new third floor to the building. the addition has been set back from the front and from russell street side of the property to protect the historic integrity of the building. the department is encouraged to add that. the addition would add 10 feet in the rear where 25 feet are required, and assessing the requested variants. the dr is our concern with the loss of parking in the neighborhood and also with the mass of the resulting building. 23 of the 58 parking spaces are used for long term parking by the neighbors. the remainder of the parking spaces are short-term hourly parking used by people going into the neighboring businesses. the department has received nine comments from the public supporting the project in addition to the two neighborhood groups, the department has received five comments from the public opposing the project. our position relates primarily -- the project has been exempt from review in a
legislative leaders? are they supportive? >> at the risk of having linda shut us down, there have been many discussions over the weeks. >> before you ask another question, let me just say, i believe there is enough direction here to calendar a discussion. i really don't want you to get into a discussion of an item that is not agendized. >> and it would be moved into the afternoon? >> and we are trying to shift a treasure island to the morning session. the team -- or if they have noticed it for a later afternoon eating -- meeting. president olague: it might be possible to schedule them both for the morning. >> it would be appropriate. president olague: i think it is critical that we discuss this, because i was privy to a panel discussion earlier today and i was informed of a project that i did not really know where under redevelopment. whose future might be questionable. >> if we can pull that off, we will also have to check with mr. blackwell. we will do everything we can to try to take that happen. -- maketha that happen. president olague: i think it would be important to put it on the cal
adjustments using that leverage with celery on reserve to make decisions for the remainder of the year. now that we are further along, we are at the point where the department's operations would need to be adjusted significantly because of the shorter amount of time remaining in the year if we had to withhold spending. >> we are not aware of any interruptions or cause of disbursement of funds through the restoration process? >> i am not aware of any cause for problems in spending. if you are aware of any issues or hear of anything, i would be happy to work with the department. the direction to my office throughout the year has been clear. we have made a commitment that if the state budget came through and we did not have these large losses of revenues, it was our intent to fully expend those funds. any department that did not wish to, we wanted to talk with them. i fully believe that we have worked with our departments to the best of our ability to make sure that we followed through on it. supervisor chu: this item is now before us. are there any other questions? supervisor kim: quick follo
in the past. but my experience to work together and really collaborate is much more difficult that most of us are willing to commit. it's easy to do things on our own. we can do things the way we want to and all the credit is ours if we are successful. we can accomplish so much more together than we ever could on our own. to work together. the first thing we have to do is look within. it's easy to play the blame game and see the fault in others. the cbo's aren't doing they are supposed to. no it's the police's fault. it's city haul's fault. but in the end. that gets us nowhere. we can never truly work together unless we stop assigning blame. the second thing we must do. we must be open to the possibility there's a better way to do things. too often as i sat through discussions ask encountered reluctance to change. i would ask you if we have things figured out. are children safe in schools? would we be here in our streets were safe? as i already said, i am not here to point fingers at anybody. if you are not part of the solution. then you are part of the problem. the other thing we have to be
in u.s. treasuries. >> tom: we ask pimco's bill gross why he's bailing out of government debt and where he's putting money now. you're watching "nightly business" report for wednesday, march 9. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening, everyone. the world's largest bond fund is betting against bonds. pimco's total return fund has sold off its government bond holdings to zero as of the end of february. tom, this is a strong signal from pimco's flagship fund that it sees little value in owning u.s. treasuries. >> tom: susie, as a result of those bond sales, pimco is sitting on $54 billion of cash. the fund still owns other kinds of bonds. it's holdings are diversified among mortgage bonds, corporate debt, foreign bonds and municipal securities. >> susie: so what's the reason behind the bond fire sale? joining us now: william gross, the founder and co-chief investment officer of pimco. hi, bill,
never get to this point. >> i think the point is whoever used the planning department. there's no further level of review. i mean, that's what we typically do. >> respectly, then the charter provision must mean something. commissioner peterson: as i read it it says permits pure sunt to a considerable -- per sunt to a conditional use. let me find it here. a building or demolition permit for a project that has received a permit or lines per sunt to a conditional authorization. i'm wondering what the world pursuant means here. and then i guess my concern is where is the next level of review. and if this type of permit is on a subject or a building that was outside of the scope of what was part of the conditional use authorization, then would we then get to review that? would that be your position? >> it carefully checks and verifies that the building permit has been issued consistent with and pursuant to the c.u. that's the check. if there's evidence that there's been a grows change in the project, i suppose there could be an issue. but there's been no -- for example, the issue
're going to get from us is a detailed set of drawings from the planning commission approval that you can go down tomorrow to get from the planning commission and then you'll get reduced sized sets of the varies permits that advance the -- various permits that advance the design. that's it. the geotechnical reports are available. this is stuff we can get you tomorrow. vice president vice president are you prejudiced if it would go further out than the 23rd? >> we'd certainly like to get it done. what would be the date after the 23rd? >> i suggested the 13th. that would be the only item on that calendar so far. >> would we be the first? >> i understand what you're saying. if we go to april 6, commissioner garcia will not be here. >> we certainly want a full board and i'm sure the requester does as well. president goh: let's leave that question for mrs. brandt holley. could we squeeze you and put it on the march 23 calendar? the april 13th calendar may go away. is that the snugs we have zero cases on calendar. >> i personally am planning to be away. president goh: april 13? >> no, the week to
>>> welcome to nhk news world line. the u.s. embassy announced the head of japan affairs at the state department kevin maher has been fired. visiting u.s. assistant secretary of state kurt campbell, in facted him of the move on thursday in their talks on thursday. they say a former deputy chief will assume the post. maher reportedly told some college students in the u.s. last december that okinawans are masters of manipulation and extortion. he was referring to the relocation of a u.s. marines air space station in the southern most prefecture. in the talks with takeaki matsumoto, campbell said maher's comments are unacceptable and contrary to u.s. policy and its respect for the people of okinawa. >>> japan's two major stock exchange operators will explore the possibility of consolidating their businesses. the talks will be aimed at bolstering japan's standing in the world equity market, amid growing pressure for realignment in the industry. if they agree to integrate operations it will have a listing of 4,000 stocks, rivaling the world's leading forces. the two will likel
clothes on. nearly 80 people were targeted. police had to use the football stadium to stage the operation. the investigation has gotten so big they were able to go after the whole organization. >> we identified sources of supply in new york from heroin, to baltimore. ratified a source of supply for marijuana in san diego, calif. that came to california through pennsylvania. >> also arrested today was the father of a 7-year-old who was arrested in 2007 by city police force sitting on a dirt bike. the mayor apologize to the family then. there were no apologies today. >> the u.s. attorney's office addressed the bust this afternoon. we will have more on that and more exclusive video coming up at 6:00. >> in wisconsin, lawmakers approved a bill stripping collective bargaining rights from workers. this standoff was broken when republicans realize they could pass the bill without the vote of the assembly members. lawmakers from the senate and assembly approved a bill short time later and democrats say they will contact the attorney general about last night's vote. maryland has a big budget hole
on the radicalization of muslims in the u.s., but is it a matter of national security, or a u.s., but is it a matter of national security, or a witch-hunt? captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. >>> the three-week budget battle in wisconsin that has made national headlines appears to be over. it ended swiftly and unexpectedly. republican members of the state senate outmaneuvered their absentee democratic colleagues to pass a bill which sharply limits union rights. >> this is a violation of law. >> the vote caught almost everyone by surprise. by 18-1 the state senate passed a measure stripping collective bargaining rights from most of wisconsin's public employees, handing governor scott walker a stunning victory in the three-week labor standoff. in a statement he applauded lawmakers for taking, quote, a step in the right direction to balance the budget, and reform government. senate democrats had fled the state to avoid any votes, but republicans found a way to push the measure through. they removed all elements of the bill that involved bud
will be coming to us. that is exactly in line with what we want to present to you today. we will be circulating among you with copies of petitions that we have gathered over the last week and a half. there were 3000 signatures on these, and those of you that led the band in copies don't get all of them. they kept coming in after we stop copying. there are things that we called for. look at that. i like that. you look at the things that we think you can start doing now. that kind of commitment you can make to the school community now that you have information about the rainy day fund coming to you. look at the last one on the list. you now are getting the money, make the commitment that the layoffs will be rescinded. not just the teacher layoffs, but 194 people who make very little money that are right now in jeopardy of those layoffs. there are no cuts to schools sites. as the budget is being restored, keep in mind what happens. there are a few schools that have carefully stocked their cupboards over the years and still have some antiquated paper and pictures of dwight eisenhower and things lik
sown in the u.s., right now. >>> good evening. not long ago, a cancer diagnosis felt like a death sentence. not anymore. huge numbers of americans, hundreds of thousands more each year, are surviving and living with cancer. numbers just released from the centers of disease control show that 1 in 20 american adults is now a cancer survivor, almost 12 million of us. we are catching cancer earlier and treating it more effectively, and ron claiborne is here with what it all means. this is such encouraging news. >> reporter: this is really important news tonight, george. so many people are now living with and beating cancer. four times as many as 40 years ago. in fact, the cdc said today that for millions of americans, cancer is now a manageable disease. >> reporter: they send us their videos. poignant messages celebrating their struggle against cancer. and more and more americans are winning the fight. the centers for disease control says as of 2007, nearly 12 million adult americans were cancer survivors, people living with cancer or who've beaten the disease, compared to just 3 mill
mirkarimi: you have given us some things to think about. it was wonderful to have you here. >> good evening, board of supervisors. maria sue, director of the department youth and their families. i echo and support the ordinance of the legislation that commissioner chan is supporting. how the police can and perhaps should work with a juvenile and young people. hearing some of the testimonies from young people and parents, i have come to realize that one of the things we have done already is creatine a forum to meet with our case managers. maybe what we should do is take that one step further and create a forum to engage with our young people in the schools. i have heard many times, people say that it clicks and works really well. they meet and talk with the young people. that maybe that's something we can think about and work on. some concrete steps after this conversation. there is a significant amount of funding in the service area. we want to make sure that we leverage all of our partners skill sets and expertise in making sure that we have a very comprehensive perspective in the area. su
at a four year college. but opponents argue that's unfair to students... who are legal u-s citizens. (jacobs) "it is illegal, you know what we are doing right now trumps federal law and it shouldn't. we don't trump federal law but that's what we're doing." (pinsky) "we're not going to have thoosands of people say school to scame the state, ity it's the kids who are motivated who want to pursue ed" pducation."a final vote on that bill is expected monday. saving the chesapeake bay may be as easy as changing your fertilizer.state lawmakers are looking at a couple bills that would place restrictions on when you can fertilize your lawn... and what chemicals yoo use to do it.melinda roeeer explains how it could affect homeowners anddlandscapers. lannscapers. (nats of spreader) experts say... it's just about time to start sprrading.but you don't wann to over it. 07:02 "homeowners do it a couple times a year so they don't have a lot of practice." too much fertilizer can mean waster. that runs off and the bay.01:06-00:5 "niirogen main pollution problems in the chesabeake bay ... suburban l
is the cultural art director. tell us what moad's mission is. what does it do? >> the museum of the african diaspora showcases the history, art, and cultural richness that resulted from the dispersal of africans throughout the world. we do that through compelling and innovative exhibitions, public programs, and education programs. our goal is to celebrate and present for appreciation to our broad and diverse public the controversial energy contributions of people of african descent to world culture in all aspects in all areas, including politics, culture, economics, education, just in all aspects of cultural forms of expression. >> one of the fascinating things since 2005 when the museum was established, is that it has become clear from science that all of humanity originates in africa. how does that influence the education programs or presentation here at moad? >> obviously, being able to attenuate that, and there is a sign at the door that says, "when did you know that you were african?" our point is that we share a common dna, and it connects us on a number of different levels. this inst
you for joining us this evening. roll call? >> [rollc all] -- [roll call] president mendoza: if you would like, join us for the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] thank you. the approval of the board minutes, there is no approval tonight. the presentation on the superintendent's reports. >> last week we were forced to make ugly decisions that none of us enjoy. the potential layoff notices of over 400 of our employees. this is something that everyone on this board and in the community thinks is got awful. something that we should never have to do. even with that, we have to go through some of that because an order for us to request a portion of the city's rainy day fund, part of the requirement is that we have to demonstrate a need. this has given us more to demonstrate in terms of need but all the cuts they are bringing our way. i wanted to know that today, our mayor did introduce that they are going to move forward to give the school district the rainy day fund which i think is fabulous. we want to thank the board of supervisors, everyone in our family that maybe we have
to do this, i can't do anything. i close my eyes and ask my god to help me. i thought they was shot us from behind. i was thinking, this is the end. col. gadaffi's forces are trying to gain ground. it's clear the government can win the country back. lib yab tv has been shoing old reruns of the military parades many are still suffering in dreadful conditions in their jails. in brussels they are meeting to see if there is a way in the violence. the only certainty is that knob will be easy. >> got a bit of breaking news from the office of the president in france saying france recognizes the libyan national council as soul representative of the libyan people now. significant announcement coming out of the office. the french president there. let's go over to brussels now where the defense ministers are meeting. matthew price is following that for us. france and britain are putting forward a draft proposal for a no fly zone. nato officials have looked at those scenarios. they all say, look, this has to go to the un security council. there has to be broad reeg follow support. arab and african
lawyered up. fox 5's bob barnard is working the story for us, bob. >> reporter: shawn, not just any lawyer but one of the most powerful attorneys here in washington, bob bennett, and tonight we have spoken to both parties at the center of this growing controversy. we caught up with dc mayor vincent gray tonight after an early childhood education event at the sumner school in northwest. >> i understand you have retained bob bennett to represent you. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: tell me why, sir. >> as this unfolds, i was the one that called for the investigation in the first place, so i just want to make sure that as this thing unfolds that i have the best advice i could possibly have and it's really quite that simple. >> reporter: the other player in this scandal, sue brown, who met with fbi investigators for several hours today. >> i can't comment on the specifics. i can just say that they were professional and i cooperated with everything they wanted. >> reporter: did you bring them some evidence, some envelopes with evidence? >> i can't comment on that. >> reporter: did they take stuff from
, mike, stay on it for us. martha: from the capitol in wisconsin to our nice's capitol controversial hearings on radicalization in the american, muslim community. christian, jewish muslim groups are protesting outside as this is happening. household chairman paoeuter king is receiving roupb the clock security. in opening remarks kings addressed the controversy but stressed the importance of moving forward with the hearings, take a listen. >> i'm well aware that the announcement of these hearings has generated considerable controversy and opposition. some of this opposition such as my colleague and friends has been measured and thoughtful. other opposition both from special interest groups and the media has ranged from disbelief to rage and hysteria. let me make it clear today that i remain convinced that these hearings must go forward and they will. martha: well we're a few hours into the hearings now. shannon bream is live in washington with the latest. congressman ellison was very emotional this morning. what brought that on, what did he have to say in his testimony. >> reporter: h
of the greatest u.s. disasters of : discovered photos show one of the greatest u.s. disasters of : the early 20th century in color. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation including the pacific time zone. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with out maneuvered. the three-week standoff in wisconsin over a measure that would deal a huge blow to public unions has come to an abrupt end after a stunning move by republicans. until yesterday, republicans state senators couldn't pass governor scott walker's proposal because under the rules they were just one democrat short for the vote to happen. that's because all 14 minority democrats had fled the state in order to prevent a vote on the measure which would strip nearly all collective bargaining rights from public union workers. but on wednesday, republicans managed to push the plan through by resorting to a procedural maneuver that removed parts of the proposal related to nonspending measures. using that tactic, republicans contend the vote could take place without the missing democr
students are looking at the list and trying to make schedules through the year. >> not to throw us under the bus, i thought you might say journalism 101 is on there, but it was not 0 on that list? >> reporter: actually there is a course in here, it has to do with journalism ethics. a good course. >> it is. >>> whiter teeth, in two hours, they put whitening strips to the test to see if they live up to the hype. >> houston, final type, we will stop. >> shuttle discovery lands back on earth. what they accomplished. >>> maybe it's safe to go in the water after all. what a new study find about the number of sharks off the california coast. >>> it was 59 degrees at sfo today, topped off at 73 in santa cruz. taking a look at mount vac a and out towards a beautiful sky. a few clouds, those clouds and the impact it will have on your thursday as "eyewitness news" continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, nasa marks the end of an era. >>> and knows here touched down on the end of an historic journey. and to the ship that has led the way. >> and with that nasa marks the end of an era. space shutt
because it cuts down to domestic violence. you can no longer sell the gun. people are selling us guns they can't sell otherwise. i am not saying it's a bad program. we would like to have more gun buy backs. it always comes back to capabilities and your help to get to the community and tell people. if you see a gun. call us. we will make a report. we just took an ak 47. we bought that gun and nothing happened. i would rather do that. it's not the absolute program. the other thing i wanted to stress. the call in. we have identified 44 who are at risk. they are either victims or suspects. 9 out of those first are shot are killed. with the target with the call in is working. we are doing bed checks. we go out with these probation officers. i know where he is. we bring him home and do that 3 or 4 times. i just think that gun violence is really up and we have to get the guns off the streets. all you need is an id. if we don't get the support of the community, with no questions asked. i'm sorry i am taking so long. and we will be glad. we need to do more gun buy backs. >> i have more
defenders and about that resource question. they need us to tell them. that is why we are here today. that has got to be a part of the mission. so i support everything johnson said, but there is another the to keep in mind. this is the jury pool. the jury pool is constantly affected and infected by nancy grace, law-and-order. it is constantly being polluted -- i truly believe this -- by the media. it sounds silly but it is not. i really believe in the power of media to influence people. that is why i got in it. so we have to use it to our advantage. you have got to be in it to win it. if we are not controlling our image, someone else is. so you have got to start thinking about the way that the image of the public defender is going to be portrayed, either in dramatic television -- over which you will have a lot less control. or certainly, in news media. years ago, i got a phone call from a public defender in san francisco. he had a case receiving a lot of media attention, and he wanted me to come to cover the case for 20/20. some of his colleagues thought he was not to. what are you b
for the d.c. government. the exchange between sulaimon brown has kept the d.c. council busy. joining us is councilman and former mayor, marion berry. thank you for coming in this this driving rain. >> it was kind of messy. i know the back streets and i got here. >> you know the city inside out, for sure. tell me what's happening in your ward now. what would you say is the top priority? >> first of all, i'm going to give the state of the ward tonight at 8:00. my whole approach is going to be different this year. i use a lot of statistics, but i'm looking at the state of marion berry. how am i doing, mentally, emotionally. >> how are you doing? can you give us a preview? >> health point of view, i'm doing very well. celebrated two years of a kidney transplant. 15 years of prostate cancer. i was born a black boy in mississippi, in the delta, to two sharecroppers. lived in a house with no running water, no lights. had outhouses. and i grew up in those kind of conditions. i went to a school, a one-room school, 15, 16 students in it, in mississippi, segregated. and i overcame a lot of odds. t
that is will be done. but the truth of it is, most of us know that we can improve in the area of energy. and with oil prices at above $100 a barrel, the price at the pump heading towards $4 a gallon, we need to develop a coherent national energy policy to find that common ground. that need has taken on even greater urgency. so -- so what makes for good energy policy and how can we ensure that agreement is finally reached on meaningful energy legislation? i think we should have essentially five goals and those five goals are an emergency that is abundant, that is affordable, that is clean, diverse, and domestic. now, i -- i realize that these words, especially in exings with with -- in combination with one another, don't lend a clever acronym or a catchy slogan. maybe we need to rearrange them and figure out what word we can make. but if we follow these, if we follow these as our guiding principles and make sure that our legislative efforts reflect each and every one, i believe that genuine progress can be within our reach. so let's start with the concept of affordable energy because that's certainly
-11. as long as we have those voices heard, the leadership will back us on that. >> judge napolitano: last week, the house of representatives passed a spending plan. and sent it over to the senate. today, the senate rejected a republican spending plan and it rejected a democratic spending plan. what happens next? are we up for another one of those ridiculous continuing resolutions, you can fund the government for another two weeks but no longer? >> i think one of the things we have to do is stand firm. when you look at the report from last week from the g.a.o., the 225-page report saying there is $100 billion to $200 billion in duplicative programs in washington, d.c., and if you look at the exortant amount we are spending on -- exorbitant amount, and money to refurbish the mosque in the islamic world we have a problem with spending in washington, d.c. maybe the senate democrats don't once it but we do in the house. >> judge napolitano: joining us now is from the state of florida congressman connie mack. welcome to the "glenn beck program." >> great to be with you, judge. >> judge na
for joining us. you can have the last word at our blog, follow my tweets at lawrence. rachel has more from the news, breaking news from wisconsin with her special guest tonight, michael moore. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, lawrence. thanks very much. >>> thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. today was already an incredibly crowded day of news. as lawrence mentioned, we have filmmaker michael moore scheduled to be with us tonight. we need to begin with breaking news from madison, wisconsin, which of course has been the center of american news for the past three weeks at least. tonight, the republicans in wisconsin state senate appear to have invented a new nuclear option for passing legislation with no notice, and no quorum, and no debate. they invented that new nuclear option today, and then they detonated it today. after republican governor scott walker admitted yesterday that he would negotiate with democrats on his union stripping bill, after a republican source tells nbc news that the governor said to republicans in the legislature today he was willing t
dumped all the u.s. debt. jobless claims are rising. we have one more week to go until we get a budget deadline, meaning the government can't spend any more money. what will happen next month? the republicans have a solution for getting spending under control. who better to address all this is congressman paul. it's a pleasure. welcome to the glenn beck program. dow is down 228 points, president just borrowed $223 billion in the month of february. democrats in the senate are abandoning the president and their own leadership. who in the congress takes seriously the abyss that we are facing called bankruptcy, called $14 trillion in debt? >> i think there is probably about 12 of us that really care about it and cut the way we have to. we don't have any clout, really. i'm not very optimistic about what is going to happen on the short run. they can argue back and forth. they will limp along and have another cr but it's just a situation that overwhelming. the fact that the economy gets weaker, that we have employment improving and no inflation. i don't think the people believe that anymore.
fighting in eastern libya with rebel forces using rocket launchers and take missiles, all of the artillery that they have to stop the advance of government forces. rebels have little defense against the air strikes. plumes of smoke in the distance mark bombardments. reports that a huge oil facility was the amount of the targets. government troops have claimed advances on several fronts in the east and west of tripoli. the initial euphoria amongst the rebels appears to have given way to the sobering reality that the regime will not be toppled as easily as those in neighboring countries. >> there appears to be a plot against libya. a determination to take control of libya and steal its oil. then the libyan people will take up arms against them. in the rebel-held switch -- city of benghazi, people took to the streets to demonstrate for intervention. it wanted the international community to impose a no-fly zone over libya. to stop the air strikes against their own people. let's i spoke to the correspondent in the east of the country and asked him how important a no-fly zone would be. >> fighte
are not approved. jerry brown set a deadline for thursday to get it all done, now he hopes to use the extra time to convince more lawmakers to put it on the ballot this june. he is just a few lawmakers short to make that happen. >>> new tonight at 11:00. police are investigating a murder. it happened this evening. police say the man was shot, and died in the ambulance. >>> two southern california men are expected of using a credit card skimmer to steel credit numbers. they fate fros and conspiracy charges. boris tumasyan and sarkis sarkisyan. how investigators say they stole the numbers and she has reaction from locals who frequent one of those stations. >> reporter: the credit card swipe looks like any other. this is a primary reason this credit card scheme was so difficult to detects. they planted devices like this one inside of gas pump. investigators say they were attached to the circuit boards and captured 3600 credit card numbers. police caught the two at this station on san an ownio road. they found six skimmers planted inside of gas pumps of six other locations. the customers are very co
by government activities. our campaign has asked that the western addition be the first. and the land use committee write on the placement of people. the impact -- the economic impact, employment rates remain the same. there is a decrease sense of the entrepreneur spirit. the interaction with neighborhoods and the social networks, feeling that this trust overtime helps impact and increase rates in mobility. there is the alienation and the result of a familiar area. there are dozens of the voting blocs. they are part of the same family. there is a feeling of mistrust. thank you very much. >> in the afternoon, supervisors. -- good afternoon, supervisors. i wanted to talk about addressing community concerns and racial and religious profiling. i wanted to say on behalf of my community that there have been many issues for the arab- american community. to fight extremism or any terrorist agendas, the united states congress is having hearings about mosques and radicalizations. we are part of the solution to fight extremism. review of item 34 and don't look at us as outsiders. we are americans, t
service auditor on the use of the laguna honda fund that was created for the use of patients, and there was an audit on that issue that was completed, and we want to have a hearing on that. the last item i am introducing is a resolution declaring march 26, 2011, as senior officer -- monsignor officer romero day to honor monsignor officer romero who dedicated his life and ultimately gave his life to protect human rights. he was essentially murdered at the altar at a small chapelhe h. for the fight for social justice and human rights. he means a great deal to many of us in san francisco. not only people from hong the el salvadorean community and the latino community, anybody that believes in human rights and social justice. the rest i submit. supervisor mar: thank you. i have a number of items. i am sad to inform everyone of the passing of the founder of tommy's mexican restaurant. he passed away last week. he came to san francisco as part of a guest worker program with his wife who is a really great person as well. he fulfilled his lifelong dream of serving his native cuisine.
.../ kathleen cairns.../ joins us.../ with more.. -kathleen ad lib- there's also been flooding in west 3 baltimore tonight: (roll vo)) the heavy rains has caused accidents.. like this one on forest park drive.. the driver tells police he hydroplaned. parts of this same road.. are underwaaer... around the gynns falls overpass in dickeyville.. there is a supersized flood. motorists have had to manuvermaneuver around the high waters. "its like a flood..everywhere and the water.. i had to walk two blocks to catch the bus i couldnt cross the street, cars are going by splashing so i have to stand away from the bus stop. just crazy water everywhere, i've never seen anything like this before." 3 the rain is making for a slow commute. commute. this is a live look at 695 west of york road. ((adlib)) if you're heading out.. be careful. the weather has been causing problems on the roads all day. a viewer sent us this picturr of a car off the road on 295. the car is mong tree branches.. with it's hood up. when it comes to news.. see it.. shoot it.. send it. y
. >> libyan television had what seemed to be an intercepted telephone call, a supposedly between the u.s. ambassador and the rebel general. >> what they could endure others aboard do you need? >> but it -- what equipment or other support do you need? >> but it was not clear what was being offered. >> you will lose. we will win. america, nato, france, this is our country. we will never, ever surrendered to those terrorists. >> later in tripoli, gadhafi's son called for peace in the the real libya. this was supposed to be libyas future until the rebellion. as far as these people larkin cent, that future has been restored -- these people are concerned, that future has been restored. it feels like a victory ride. they had a sharper message for the rebels in benghazi, we are coming. >> barack obama's senior intelligence adviser told a senate hearing today that he does expect colonel gaddafi's forces to prevail. the u.s. is in direct contact with libya's opposition. france became the first country to formally recognize that the rebels. although diplomatic activity is intense, it is inconclusiv
weeks of debate by using a political maneuver allow a vote that stripped state workers of their collective bargaining rights. the lone democrat on that panel tried to stop the vote. take a listen. >> this is clearly a violation of the law. >> aye. >> it is improper to move forward while this is a violation of the clause. >> all right. screaming "shame, shame," there, governor scott walker applauding the vote, saying lawmakers stood up to the status quo. 10 of the 14 wisconsin senate democrats whose self-imposed exile out of state continues and they appeared on msnbc's "the edge" show last night. >> they passed it in the course of just a few seconds on the senate floor. so you're talking about five or six decades worth of workers' rights just stomped out within a matter of minutes in the state senate today. >> that state senator will join us in just a moment. stick around for that. first of all, nbc's john yang. do the democrats have any recourse right now? >> reporter: well, richard, actually you can see some protesters gathering here at the state capitol for a big rall
conducted the investigations and arrests. on the tapes, these officers appear to be using a master key to enter rooms during a drug investigation at the henry hotel. but in the police reports, the officers claim to have knocked and gotten verbal permission to enter. >> an organization as large as the sfpd, i think it would be unreasonable for the chief of police to be unaware of eventing happening in the city. i think i have to be judged by what were the actions i took when i found misconduct -- >> reporter: the interim chief says that one supervisor are on leave and all officers will be retrained. >> if i find out the policies and procedures that have been broken, people will be held accountable. if i find out they need to be changed, they will be made. >> reporter: he expeblgts more cases to be thrown out. now, he says that gascone, who used to be the police chief before he became district attorney just a few months ago, is making the right moves here. he says there's absolutely no way that he could actually prosecute these cases successfully with so many questions surrounding how th
will convene the latest hearing on islamic radicalization in the u.s. six witnesses will testify at this hearing that will be live on c-span3. three members of congress will be testifying, including one of two muslims in the congress, dingell, and frank wolf, a republican from virginia. what is your reaction to this hearing? we want to discuss it this morning on the "washington journal." as we go through the newspapers. host: we have set aside our fourth line this morning on the "washington journal" for muslims in the u.s. we will begin taking those phone calls in just a moment. first, we want to get an update on what is going on in the congress when it comes to money. here is the headline in yesterday's "washington times." "senators hail defeat of rival spending cuts." joining us on the line is david hawkins. what happened yesterday in the senate and what happens next? guest: yesterday in the senate, the senate was asked to vote on two competing versions of legislation to cut money for the rest of this fiscal year, which only last until september 30. the republican option, the b
. scott newel joins us live. i understand the assembly vote is under way ja delayed for 90 minutes but it is under way. it was delayed, as you mentioned before, several protesters barricaded that area around the assembly chambers and they had been removed and the rules state here that you have to have the building open to the public before you can have a vote. that's what took the time, and that's why the delay. expected to pass easelly because the republicans have a large majority and governor walker will sign the bill. in fact, governor walker has made several comments about what he thinks the bill will do. let's take a lack at what he had to say. >> remainder of this year, it allows us save $30 million, which allows us to save 1500 jobs and for the next two years thereafter in the next budget, gives us at state level equivalent of $300 million of savings which allows us to save 5,000 to 6,000 jobs. >> reporter: now, dane county officials the local officials near madison, they said that they could file a legal challenge about how that senate vote was done. they say it did violate
they used a surprise maneuver to pass the budget proposal without democrats present. this morning demonstrators are planning another massive rally to voice their anger. >>> 50 days and counting. prince william and kate middleton's wedding day fast approaching and as kate gets closer to becoming a princess, her relatives are opening up to us about her surprising roots. her relatives are opening up to us about her surprising roots. today, march 10, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. the storm we have been talking about for 48 hours is slowly making its way into our area. it will make for a sense couple of days in the northeast, especially for people in flood-prone area. we are talking as much as five, maybe even six inches of rain in some places. >> in new jersey, governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency. this is part of the same smm that slammed the south wednesday with tornadoes, rain and high winds. by the time it is through more than 100 million americans wi
economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy productive life. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> lehrer: this was another day of fierce fighting in libya. forces loyal to moammar qaddafi used tanks and sniper fire to press their assault on zawiyah, outside tripoli. doctors reported at least 40 people killed in the latest fighting. meanwhile, qaddafi again rejected any attempt at outside intervention. we have two reports from "independent television news," beginning with jonathan rugman, in tripoli. >> reporter: this was state television's sanitized version of zawiyah's outskirts today. peace and tranquility are returning after zawiyah was freed from al qaeda linked gangs, the channel said. a reporter interviewed qaddafi's fighters, all dressed in the green of his 1
with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. tucker barnes is with us again this morning. it is raining out there again, as promised. >> yes, rain will be with us for the morning hours. we might get a bit of a break and then the possibility of more strong thunderstorms. this is one of the days we call stormy. >> the temperatures are not bad out there. >> you're right. it doesn't feel so bad when you head out the door. we'll start with the radar. we have localities of rain falling across the area. light to moderate rain for many of us. off to the east, it has been heavy rain during the past couple of hours. see the yellows there. that has been pushing up through southern maryland, down towards la plata and leonardtown, pushing up into st. march yaps county now, anne arundel county and prince george's county -- pushing up into st. mary's county now. the actual cold front is back into eastern kentucky at this hour. you see the rain showers back in eastern kentucky. we have to wait until that gets through here late this afternoon and tonight befo
>> that is going to do it for us. world news is next. >> not singing today. from all of us, thanks for joining us. we appreciate your >>> tonight on "world news," caught on tape. the head of npr is out after a secret sting. meet the man who may cost public radio its taxpayer funding. >>> striking back. gadhafi's forces rout the rebels in libya. what if he wins? can the u.s. do what it takes to stop him? >>> ripped apart. tornadoes tear across the south. one survivor calls it 30 seconds of pure hell. >>> gadget guilt. when blackberrys and iphones take up family time. news tonight that working moms take it harder than the dads. >>> and, traveler beware. why hotel pictures online are all too often too good to be true. how to tell when they're fooling you. >>> good evening. in the culture war between new and old media, an undercover upstart has dealt a major blow to the establishment. public broadcasting has been a lightning rod for years. supporters call npr and pbs a public service, with every penny the taxpayers pay for it. critics say it's wrong to force all americans to subsidize
. there is the budget incentive reserve created some time ago that allows for 25% to be carried forward and used. this is also allowed to be suspended when the controller determines the city's financial condition. it was suspended given the major budget shortfalls, so this has not been a major factor. there is also the recreation and park savings that was written into the charter that says the recreation and parks department gets to keep any savings. it will be dedicated to capital. there was $1.2 million carried forward that was appropriated. from the prior year. as a reminder, we are going to be reviewing them. by the end of march, the five- year financial plan in early may. i would be happy to answer any further questions. supervisor chu: thank you very much. any other questions from the committee? just confirmation with regard to the budget stabilization reserve, we don't have any balance in there? >> that is right. supervisor chu: you probably aren't there with anticipating the five-year horizon. >> it is really unforeseen revenues. you probably but did them in terms of the -- budget them i
on the ground with more on the way. there is about 250 kids using one boy's bathroom. >> reporter: last year they opened a school a few miles away and construction is set to begin in lutherville. it is the next step in relieving over crowding in the area. >> i know that the principal and teachers have been incredibly creative and i don't think they should have to go jumping through hoops to make it happen for the children. >> here is another idea. all the county's middle schools are under capacity so he asked the school system to find out if it is possible to move 4th grade students into middle school buildings. >> it will be official use of our money and more importantly, we can pull kids out of trailers and put them into the classrooms. >> they wish they would focus on getting their current school up to date. >> i don't want my 4th or 5th graders could be in this setting, it is not an appropriate place to be. >> they are half a foot taller and three years older than you. >> but the county executive said it has been done before. some children were moved and many private schools operate thr
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